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By following this channel, traders can follow an in-depth world of trending topics in business, politics, environment, economics, and numerous others. While some traders may prefer reading material such as tutorials and guidelines, and others solely rely on visual aids to improve skills, YouTube channels such as those listed in this article offer a perfect combination of both avenues. With advancements in technology, the general way in which YouTube is perceived has changed dramatically, and traders are offered new ways to not only view the Forex market but to learn new skills and stay up to date with the trading industry. The purpose of this channel is to share Wieland’s journey with Day Trading in addition to providing personalized investment advice, although it is based on personal opinion and should only be used for informational purposes.

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Day trading can be one of the most lucrative professions which anyone can become, and it is one of the only jobs which allows for better performance during a crisis and financial downturn. As a global leader in financial market research as well as investment analytics, Trading Central launched its YouTube channel in 2013 to provide traders with additional information on financial news. The synergyfx review videos on the channel provide traders with the fundamental knowledge and cover some scalping strategies as well. There is a variety of important topics and trading concepts that are covered by this channel and some of the more popular trading strategies are also featured on this channel. Options Trading for Beginners – which is aimed at traders who are interested in options trading.

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The Intermediate Playlist is suited for traders who have already started trading and who require more information, research, education, and other resources. During the live streams, traders are welcome to ask questions regarding trading in addition to having access to an array of videos that are frequently uploaded. Starting in 2012, this YouTube channel teaches traders how to day trade and to become successful day traders.

In addition to Forex, Stokes also covers a variety of other topics including motivational tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business. The Trading Channel YouTube channel was started in 2014 and features professional Forex trader and Trading Coach, Steven Hart, who shares his knowledge of the markets with the purpose of helping traders shorten their learning curve on Forex Trading. Meir’s vocation is not only to provide beginner traders with the necessary support in their endeavors, but to help them reach success. In addition to the YouTube channel, Meir also trades in the day trading room on Tradenet and makes a day trading chat room available on the YouTube channel.

Traders are provided with information on day trading as well in addition to having access to videos covering trading psychology and basic trading strategies which are not subjected to the time frame in which traders execute their trades. The Day Trading Academy features a variety of videos that cover numerous topics from economic and financial news and events, to how day trading can be done in a series of comprehensive videos. The Tradeciety.com channel was started in 2016 and the focus is on aiding traders through the provision of clear and easy-to-understand insights on financial markets.

There are thousands of students who have profited from his insights, tips, and guides through the years. The broad portfolio that Trading Central offers includes awarded analyst research along with patented pattern recognition and 24-hour multi-asset coverage from around the globe. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. It is really important that you do not trade any money that you can’t afford to lose because regardless of how much research you have done, or how confident you are in your trade, there will always be a time that you lose. The founders of the channel refer to themselves as the ‘Trading Nomads’ as they travel the world and trade through the use of their laptops wherever they may go. The belief through which the channel is operated is based on discipline, hard work, and the correct mindset.

Starting in 2017, The Boiler Room is a YouTube channel that was launched by Connor Pollifrone as a platform through which healthy trading styles can be taught to a variety of traders. Bloomberg is a popular name in the financial world and there is a comprehensive YouTube channel featured as well. The Bloomberg QuickTake is a video network that caters to a new generation of both leaders and professionals. Investipedia.com is one of the most popular websites where trading is concerned, and it provides traders with a world of information regarding any topic concerned with trading. This YouTube channel caters extensively to traders who are interested in the technical analysis along with charts as the predominant tool to find profitable trading opportunities.

On the YouTube channel, traders will also find links to personal trading podcasts, videos on risk management, and trading lessons. Those interviewed or featured offer their personal story and freely share their years of experience so that traders, whether beginners or experts, can gain some insight from traders who have been in the industry for quite some time. There are also simulation games and external tools provided which help beginner traders to trade a variety of financial instruments through the popular Trading Game. There are also numerous videos explaining the different ways in which traders can use brokers such as eToro to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and Forex. Meir Barak is a trader who has been trading for more than two decades and started the channel in 2010 with the purpose of catering for beginner traders. The videos featured on the channel are focused on getting beginners accustomed to the habits of successful traders.

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Forex trading can be overwhelming, and the Forex Market may be intimidating and daunting, but with the innovative resources available to traders, anyone can become a successful trader in their own time. The possibilities are endless, and it has never been easier for traders to build on their skills, knowledge, https://forexarena.net/ and experience than by making use of YouTube. In addition to having his own channel, he is also the founder of TradingwithRayner. Adam Khoo is a professional stock and Forex trader in addition to being the author of two books namely ‘Winning the Game of Stocks’ and ‘Profit from the Panic’.

The main points according to which brokers are divided include the good, the bad, and the ugly, which provides traders with transparent reviews on brokers that they may come across. Price Action & Income launched its YouTube channel in 2013 and focuses on providing valuable insights pertaining to Forex swing trading in addition to other long-term Forex strategies. Expert analysis of live markets which features videos between 5 to 10 minutes long. The Bulls on Wall Street started their YouTube channel in 2009 and focuses on providing daily market watch lists, trading lessons, and cryptocurrency updates. This channel can be of great assistance to experienced traders who already know how headlines have the potential of changing the market sentiment at any given time.

The list of videos provides a comprehensive walkthrough on what options are, how they work, and how they can be traded. As with choosing a broker and trading platform, finding a YouTube channel to follow will depend on the individual trader and what their trading needs and objectives may be. It is therefore imperative that traders take their time in evaluating the options before making a choice.

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The YouTube channel serves the same purpose as the website and there are millions of views on the videos featured on the channel. Investopedia is not only an authority website but also a mainstream source of anything regarding investment. A small collection of batch files and binaries to encode/concat/prepend FRAPS recordings. You might not like it, it sure as hell is buggy and I’ll abandon it once my media box is set up again. TopDog Trading is one of the older YouTube channels on this list as it was established in 2007 as opposed to some channels that have been established in more recent years. If you’d like more functionality, feel free to write better batch scripts or your own and send pull requests.

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The Day Trade to Win channel was started in 2008 and features videos on how traders can trade the E-mini, futures, Forex, stocks, and numerous other markets by using Price Action Day trading. Despite not having more than 100K followers like other channels, TopDog Trading offers valuable educational resources on both swing trading and day trading in Forex in addition to stocks, E-minis, futures, and options. The Advanced Playlist caters to experienced traders who would like to further refine their trading skills with topics such as detailed stock market mechanics, and how to run an options trading business, amidst numerous others. Finance Illustrated launched its channel in 2018 and provides traders with a fun and innovative way to learn about Forex and Stock trading. The channel provides both traders and investors with free resources and includes broker reviews and educational videos. Akil Stokes is a professional trader along with a trading coach who shares free educational trading videos on this YouTube channel.

In this chat room, Meir along with his team walk traders through their trades as they are executed and traders who follow the channel and subsequently join the chat, have the chance to do live inquiries as trades are made. YouTube is the perfect platform where traders can gain access to education, research, trading, and numerous other videos which can help traders navigate and master Forex trading. Chat with Traders started its YouTube channel in 2014 and is hosted by Aaron Fifield. This is a different approach when compared to other traders and trading channels on this list and has a talk show feel to it. The Financial Times YouTube channel helps traders keep up to date with financial and economic news and any other occurrences or events that may affect their trading. These videos provide traders with the ability to view the structure of the markets and have access to an array of other informative videos.

The Option Alpha YouTube channel, which is based in the United States, was created to provide traders with some of the most comprehensive options tradings. In addition, it also offers traders investing education which can be accessed from anywhere without any fees. In the videos on this channel, traders are provided with commentary from real traders on various markets such as Forex, stocks, futures, options, and that of cryptocurrency. There are numerous traders who share their skills, experience, and knowledge in addition to trade tips, tricks, and ideas on YouTube, which is free to view by any traders looking for ways to refine their trading.

The purpose of this article is to not only assist beginner traders but experienced traders alike by providing some of the best YouTube channels to follow with regards to Forex trading. Nick Syiek is a stock and Forex market analyst and founder of the A1 Trading Company who started his channel, TraderNick, in 2018. The channel serves as a journal for Syiek’s investing journey where he shares his personal successes and failures in the financial markets. The Conquer Trading & Investing YouTube channel was created in 2013 and features informative videos on both Forex and Bitcoin trading in addition to daily analysis. Stokes’ channel was established and launched in 2012 and has gained substantially in followers over the last few years.

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